Yeah if this doesn't make you crave summer, I don't know what will.


Apple Tree

My family's christmas dream, is to hear little boys with
glasses and too much gel for their own good,
sing this live on christmas eve.
pure magic.


Oh na na

A bit obsessed with this song right now.
Thanks for keeping me company
Rihanna and Drake, especially whilst
I write this hoar.end.us paper
Warmest regards.


Juicyyy Gems

In the third grade my school teacher introduced
a concept we applied in our daily reading called,
Whenever we'd read a great description or a word
that sparked our imaginations we were to write it
out onto a strip of paper. By the end of the year our wall
was FILLED with these awe-some gems.

I always pictured each juicy gem dripping, because
it was completely saturated with such
fantastic description. They were something you
could almost physically bite into, sip on or nibble at.


People or experiences can also have a juicy gem affect on you.
I love meeting someone new that makes you feel inspired to
be more acquainted with yourself, or to open your mind to original

"Like Stars on Earth", a film about a dyslexic boy's journey to
love and self confidence, has been just that sort of life-sparking
experience for me. I recommend this movie to anyone! The color
and music used are a delicious gem!


World Cup

Most European matches have been intriguing to watch on the tele,
but what I love catching a glimpse of most, besides the occassional
angel-faced player, is the coaches dress.
i.e. England vs. USA
The American coach was wearing his gym attire.
....England's coaching staff, including Beckham of course, were
sporting their fitted, dark gray suits, complete with vest.

For a world-wide event, shouldn't best dress be expected?


Everythings going to the beat

A laminated pink slip greeted me from the window of my
mailbow today. Telling me a package with my name on it
was waiting for me :)
Inside was my birthday package and Easter treats!

My dad was oober excited for me to listen to my birthday mix.
I approve...
Want U
Little Secrets
Running Out
Too Young
Will You Be There
Beaches and Friends
If I Ever Feel Better
Sleepyhead (my favorite)
The Circus