Supression ...
I find myself supressing a lot of real great memories,
because it hurts too much to remember that i'll never go there,
see them, or feel that again. Going through a lot of my
high school pictures puts upward creases in my cheeks but
stings me a little at the same time. But if I don't go back to
those days through snapshots I fear one day I'll look at
those photographs and wonder where that was taken or
who those other people in the picture were,
and worst of all how I felt in that time of life...

-this is a girl who would wake up at 3 in the am
to help me study in pursuit of passing math-

-these girls, we've been through a lot, and we've
sort of gone our seperate ways. but in this picture,
we all loved and accepted each other, and that's good
enough that it once was that way-

Enough reminiscing.

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