"These are a few of my favorite things..."

Rutsy. Hell. Hole. These were the first three words

that came to my mind when I first entered my mauve

dorm room. Because I didn't feel at home or love it here

for the first while, I started looking for little things that

I could love, instead of trying to love it all in one piece.

So now, three and a half weeks in, I'm able to say

I'm happy here and that I reallly do love hawaii!!

But it all started with things like...

  • Walking out of my room in the morning and smelling sodium from the local deposits

  • Eating as much candy-sweet pineapple as I want

  • Meeting people from: Guam, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, China, Korea, and the Phillipines, just to name a few

  • Hearing "Tahoooo" ( the yell all the poly's do) through my bedroom window everynight

  • Walking through the dorms and hearing all types of music from all over the world

Just a few of my favs :)

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  1. "Rusty. Hell. Hole." Hahahaha! Too too good! I am so happy that you love it here now, Devin because it would not be the same without you!!!! You help me get through work..and life...mahalo.