Little Girls

Tonight as I was clearing my tables at work I noticed

the cutest 4 year old black girl on the stage with

her admiring fans, aka her family, capturing every swing

of her hips and twist of her tummy.All the women around

her were trying to get her to immitate the hula. As this

wee sprout attempted to impress her family that was already

eating up everything she was doing, I knew I was

watching some part of a video that her mum would watch

in fourteen years and cry over.

She'll ask herself- where did my little girl with braids and a lei around her neck go?

I, in my hideous mumu that makes my hips look as wide as Russia, came to the conclusion that my days of being coddled and video'd are quite over.

And pathetically this made me kinda sad. As much I've LOVED my independence these past sinco months, every few moons I miss being

a little girl.

(childhood bestie and I)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Dev, I still picture you as that little girl that would walk around on her toes and ask when she would get her boobs.
    It was fun seeing you on Christmas!