Airport Diaries

Flying isn’t the only word that begins with “F”,
and it also happens to be the uneducated man next
to me’s favorite word. Most swear words don’t bother me so much,
but this one I can’t stand.
Besides providing the perfect opportunity for people watching, airports give a person a dose of fear, when overcome, make you feel like you truly are the independent fool you’ve been searching for all these months since your last flight.
Catching my first red eye-solo, I’m feeling a bit numb tonight. The sun has just set at Honolulu airport and I’m rudely slurping up the last java chips of my tall vanilla frappechino. The task of summing up my past five months is one I just can’t do. Up till yesterday I didn’t want to under nor over estimate my tall tales of the islands. How do I describe moments of greatest reward and flesh-eating worry to friends that really haven’t been apart of this adventure? Then in my worried little self I thought- why do you need your friends and family to understand your adventure? Does their accurate understanding and admirement validate your life here? Did you you come here for them, or for yourself? These already answered questions
put me at peace instead of piece.
Haha just saw a woman sprinting the best she could in heeled boots and a large
piece of rolling luggage. More like a side to side waddle?

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  1. Dev, I love waisting my time looking to see if you have written:)
    luf you,