Here with me

If you were here with me in this computer room...
You'd find a girl looking approximately ten years old, but in fact she's in college.
Next to her,
A girl with silver hoops in her lobes, and eyes 5 inches from the computer screen.
A girl picking at her blemishes absentmindedly as she watches "This Is It."
And don't forget,
The sleepy individual with a craned neck as her head is too heavy at this wee hour.
Next up,
A chica with shorty-short bangs, making an excel chart that looks beastly complicated.
And then,
There's me. The only white girl in the room set up here for the night.
You'd find meand my junk food, and a pile of books with only
a feeble glance of attention turned toward
them now and again.

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  1. oh my. I can't decide if this post was late night or early morning. either way, ugh. It sounds like school is busy. Hang in there and good luck!